Agilent is a leader in life sciences, diagnostics and applied chemical markets. Agilent offers a broad variety of high-quality workflow solutions for various applications within genomics. Find everything you need to support or expand your laboratory, including sample quality control (QC), next-generation sequencing (NGS) library prep and target enrichment, microarrays, CRISPR, PCR/qPCR, bioreagents, and data analysis solutions including interpretation, and reporting.

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Automated Electrophoresis

The Automated Electrophoresis portfolio provides accurate sample QC for Nucleic acids for multitude of applications including cfDNA, gDNA, NGS and PCR. Learn more about the automated electrophoresis instruments Agilent offers as well as the intuitive software and accessories that will take your research to new heights.

Fragment Analyzer Systems

Fragment analyser uses automated parallel capillary electrophoresis, offer nucleic acid quality control for a range of applications, including NGS libraries and cfDNA QC. Simple sample preparation, automated operation, and intuitive analysis software contribute to efficient and accurate measurement.

Easy setup, programming allows you to use your time efficiently. Easily adapt to changes in the workflow such as choice of array, program additional sample tray, program separation time duration. Identify sample suitable for your application

Femto Pulse Systems

The Femto Pulse system provides researchers with a powerful and automated pulsed-field capillary electrophoresis system. Easily achieve 10 times higher sensitivity for smears and up to 100 times for fragments. A meticulously designed optical detection platform and pulsed-field power enable unprecedented sensitivity, detecting nucleic acids into the lower femtogram range. With the ability to separate DNA and RNA samples, the Femto Pulse system is flexible enough to handle any of your workflow scenarios.

ZAG DNA Analyzer Systems

The ZAG DNA Analyzer system is a high-throughput capillary electrophoresis instrument designed for the qualitative analysis of DNA fragments. With the ZAG DNA Analyzer system, you can screen thousands of DNA fragments per day without analytic bottlenecks getting in the way. Its intuitive software utilizes batch processing and automatically marks samples of interest, making it simplier for you to analyze the information that matters most to you

Real-Time PCR (qPCR)

Learn about Agilent’s Real Time PCR system including the newest generation AriaMx system, and find everything you need for your qPCR applications, from kits, instruments, enzymes, master mixes, reagents, optical cartridges, plastics, supplies to software and more. The AriaMx Real-time PCR System is a fully integrated quantitative PCR amplification, detection, and data analysis system. The AriaMx amplifies your productivity with its unique modular and flexible design, intuitive touch-screen interface, advanced, easy-to-use reporting, and 120+ attributes monitored via the built-in on-board diagnostics to help pinpoint assay or instrument issues as they arise.

Next Generation Sequencing

Agilent provides your laboratory with a broad range of molecular Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) solutions, which guide your laboratory towards reliable results. The ready-to-use assays analyse the genes that matter in a simple, efficient and reliable manner. The Reporter software ensures correct analysis and enables quality control. The Expert customer support team helps you to set up your tests and secure your results in every step of the way.

Microarray Solutions

Agilent provides a complete platform including microarrays, reagents, hardware and software. With almost 20 years’ experience and thousands of publications, Agilent’s CGH platform is widely adopted by cytogenetics labs running pre- and post-natal, preimplantation and cancer clinical research. The platform enables to quickly and reliably identify aneuploidies, microdeletions, microduplications, as well as other types of chromosomal aberrations across the genome. Agilent’s CGH platform offers real comparative genomic data thanks to the 2-color approach, and unlimited flexibility in terms of format and content.

CGH & CGH+SNP Microarray Scanners & Equipment

It includes the SureScan Microarray Scanner, the G2565 Series Microarray Scanner accessories and SureScan Scanner accessories including backing slides, hybridization chamber, microarray hybridization oven, hybridization oven accessories, and stabilization & drying solution.

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