Three Platforms that Integrate to Solve Control Gaps, Process Controls and Instrument Calibration


FlowCytes® cell mimics for white blood cells (WBC) are shelf stable and mimic the optical properties of human blood populations for unfixed or fixed lymphocytes, monocytes, and granulocytes.



SpectraComp® are single stain controls that optimize spectral unmixing results to reduce errors associated with spectral overlap. These controls mimic the staining performance of real cells. SpectraComp® captures multiple species of antibodies, including human anti-mouse, mouse, rat, and hamster.


HyParComp™ are single stain controls that optimize compensation results to reduce errors associated with spectral overlap. These cell mimics are intended as compensation controls to match the single-staining performance of real cells. Staining HyParComp™ yields a positive fluorescence histogram that will aid in resolving the performance of the fluorophore; it will also serve as the basis for the positive signal of a given fluorophore for conventional compensation and spectral unmixing.



ViaComp® viability controls are advanced 2-in-1 control that bind to DNA intercalating dyes (7AAD, DAPI, PI) and amine-reactive viability dyes to simulate the staining of cells.



TruCytes™ biomarker mimics are high performance cell mimics that are coupled with key biomarkers. This product is a ready-to-use immunophenotyping control for the positive detection of specific surface biomarkers. See list of available biomarkers on page 4.