Advanced Electrophoresis Solutions Ltd. (AES) was founded in 2010. The Company is dedicated in providing cutting-edge instrumentations, ampholytes, and supplies in the iCIEF field. The Company now has become a unique total solution provider for protein iCIEF separation and characterization in the industry. The Company has been working with leading biopharmaceutical companies and research institutes to address their diversely urgent needs and save millions of dollars to meet their budget goal by avoiding potential product disruption, establishing QC methods, and helping regulatory filing.

Superior Preparative Performance

Proprietary cartridges improve the detection sensitivity 0.1 pI difference. Typical automated one run is <1 hour.

High Protein Fractionation Efficiency
Achieve as high as 90% purity. Get as high as 8 µg isomer per run.

Fast method integration and adoption
Minimum requirement of additional R&D derived from existing iCIEF platform method.

High Reproducibility and Efficiency
A fully automated system allows ~100 µg collections per day.

CEInfinite Essential iCIEF Advantages
Fast sample injection < 1 min
Minimum sample injection of 2 μL
UV detection at 280 nm
Compact size, 54x33x30 cm
CFR Title 21 Part 11 compliant

iCIEF Instrument Systems

Capillary isoelectric focusing (CIEF) is an essential technique to both visualize and quantify the presence of charge isomers in protein samples.

Whole-column image detection (WCID) or imaged CIEF (iCIEF) overcomes difficult method development and low throughput and difficult associated with the long capillary of traditional single point detection capillary electrophoresis.

CEInfinite iCIEF instrument systems by Advanced Electrophoresis Solutions Ltd. deliver high-throughput precision while being incredibly robust.

Each instrument comes with the CEInsight operating software that is compliant with FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11 and exports data to your desired third-party chromatography software.


Carrier ampholytes (CAs) are critical for CIEF protein separation and detection. Good linearity of the pH gradient with CAs and low protein interaction determine good and reproducible CIEF protein separation; low UV absorbance of CAs minimizes baseline noise.

pI Markers (250 µL)

IEF reference standard pI markers are essential for calibration of the isoelectric point (pI) of proteins in CIEF. AES has developed the most comprehensive pI markers in the world. These pI markers are ready to dilute 100 times into a sample and carrier ampholytes mixture for protein pI calibration, confirmation of pH gradient linearity, and CIEF process control. To facilitate accurate and reproducible pI calibration, at least one CEInfinite pI marker is provided within each 0.5 pH unit. Small peptide pI markers may be degraded in the presence of enzyme, which interrupts protein assays. AES provides selection of pI markers from p 2.85 to 10.45 that resist to enzyme digestion. CEInfinite pI markers are provided in a variety of package sizes and have long shelf lives, which make it easy for you to reduce potential waste and save your restocking time.


Highly stable, high sensitivity photo mask integrated imaging cartridge, with hydrophobic fluorocarbon or hydrophilic coating selections

Sensitivity improvement of 200 µm id WCID cartridges is 100% over those of 100 µm id

Low resistance for sample injection, less clogging, and quicker sample injection due to easy flow along large ID capillary

The world’s first WCID imaging cartridges for direct coupling to a Mass Spectrometer

The world’s first WCID imaging cartridges for preparative CIEF

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