10x Genomics delivers powerful, reliable tools that fuel scientific discoveries and drive exponential progress to master biology to advance human health. Cited in more than 6,100 research papers, our innovative single cell, spatial, and in situ technologies enable discoveries across oncology, immunology, neuroscience, and more. Our talented, dedicated science professionals have a distinguished record of creating innovative instruments, reagents, and software that analyze biological systems at a resolution that matches the complexity of biology.

Xenium In Situ

Xenium Instruments

Built to deliver exceptional image and data quality

Features state-of-the-art image acquisition and high-resolution optics with a nanometer-level localization precision.

Chromium Single Cell

Chromium X

The Chromium X Series lets you access single cell analysis at any stage. From Chromium iX, offering cost-effective, lower throughput single cell analysis, upgradable to the high-throughput full-range Chromium X, we make single cell analysis a perfect fit.

We’re excited to offer you the opportunity to move your research forward like never before. The Chromium X Series instrument enables seamless scaling from pilot experiments through million-cell studies, and offers compatibility with an expanding range of Chromium Single Cell applications. This includes Single Cell Gene Expression Flex kits, which enable the most sensitive whole transcriptome profiling of fresh, frozen, and FFPE samples.

Chromium Connect

Looking for consistent and reproducible single cell results across experiments, across users, and even across multiple sites? With Chromium Connect, you can combine single cell partitioning, barcoding, and library preparation in standardized, automated workflows. Additional flexibility is provided through modular workflow options that enable automated library construction starting from cDNA manually generated on the Chromium X/iX or Controller, or on prior Connect runs.

Visium Spatial

Visium instruments

The Visium CytAssist is a compact instrument designed to simplify the Visium workflow by facilitating the transfer of transcriptomic probes from standard glass slides to Visium slides, enabling whole transcriptomic spatial profiling insights across your entire tissue section, and expanded compatibility with FFPE and/or FF samples.

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