Hypoxia/ Hyperoxia Chambers and Instruments

Over 30 years ago, BioSpherix founder created the first device to control oxygen levels in an incubator, pioneering the science of optimal biosphere control for in vitro experimentation and cell culture processes. This innovation created a more physiologic environment which produced healthier cells in culture.

Over the years, BioSpherix® has worked with many cell researchers and scientists to uncover the benefits of culturing and processing cells in a physiologic environment. This led to the creation of the
Xvivo System® platform, allowing entire protocols to be conducted in an aseptic, uninterrupted, and optimized way.

Since it’s founding in 1982, BioSpherix, Ltd. has supplied Cytocentric® equipment and systems to a continuously growing customer base in academic, research, pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations throughout the world. The Xvivo GMP System platform offers many benefits for cell and gene therapies as customers move life-changing discoveries to the clinic.


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